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If you’re looking at one of these, you have a very specific need for extremely deep bass and can accept that the speaker will be over 50lbs / 23kg. Most of these are a huge overkill for most applications. All speakers in this class have no batteries except the Sony and Teufel and need to be plugged into AC. The best here will have bass extension similar to a 12” woofer tower speaker.

To the average non-audiophile, generally speakers in the top 50% of this category will likely sound “good” to you. To the critical listener, generally speakers in the top 20% of this category will likely sound “good” to you. Don’t be afraid to pick one of those if you have budget, feature or aesthetic priorities. There’s a lot of good speakers out there.

Keep in mind these are designed more for deep bass than extreme loudness and if you’re throwing parties for over 50 people you may want to look at real PA speakers instead, see this.

For longer runtime or off grid use, check out a power station.

For running karaoke, check out Karaoke Setups

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#1 JBL Partybox Ultimate: $1301

#2 JBL Partybox 1000: $949

  • Positives: Handle and wheels are convenient. Right up there with the Partybox Ultimate, this was the previous speaker in that size. A better value than the Partybox Ultimate. Nice waterfall lightshow.
  • Negatives: Very large and heavy. No app. Note, JBL daisychain is not compatible with any other non-JBL speaker and is possibly a fully digital signal.
  • Weight: 76lbs / 34kg
  • Battery Life: No Battery
  • Aux Input: Yes
  • Power Bank: Yes
  • USB Playback: Yes
  • App: No
  • TWS: Yes
  • Guitar Input: Yes
  • Microphone Input: Yes
  • Aux Input: Yes
  • IP Rating: None
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#3 JBL Partybox 710: $800

#4 Teufel Rockster: €950

#5 Sony SRS-XV900: $900

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