Bookshelf Medium Size Speakers

Speaker Ranking

The Medium Bookshelf class of speakers generally have woofers between 4” to 6”. These speakers will generally be the best size/performance trade-off for most people. The Bookshelf class have no battery, come in pairs and generally will sound better than most portable battery Bluetooth speakers. Bigger woofers will have deeper bass but the speaker will generally be larger and heavier. They all come with a built in amp so you can play directly from your phone or laptop.

For general listening I would not hesitate to recommend any of these speakers on this page except for the ones at the bottom labeled not recommended. Nearly all of these sound fantastic. Studio monitoring use is more critical and I would generally recommend something near the top with an added subwoofer.

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#1 Genelec 8020D: $1100 a pair

#2 Neumann KH80 DSP: $1100 a pair

#3 Focal Alpha 50 EVO: $600 a pair

#4 JBL 305P MKII: $300 a pair

#5 Adam Audio T5V: $352 a pair

#6 Yamaha HS5: $400 a pair

#7 KRK Rokit 5 G4: $337

#8 IK Multimedia iLoud MTM: $800 a pair

#9 Edifier S2000MKIII: $550 a pair

#10 Edifier S1000W: $450 a pair

#11 Edifier S1000MKII: $400 a pair

#12 KRK Classic 5: $280

#13 Audioengine HD6: $700 a pair

#14 Edifier R2000DB: $250 a pair

#15 Edifier MR4: $104 a pair

#16 Edifier R1700BT: $180 a pair

#17 Edifier R1280DB: $150 a pair

#18 Audioengine HD4: $400 a pair

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