Issues I'm Working On

Speaker Ranking

It’s getting really hard to slot speakers in, comparing 97+ small/medium speakers against each other in my head is not easy. I’d say the best of them are ranked properly, but when you get near the middle of the rankings, it gets really difficult to rank them against each other, so they could all be a little off and preference comes into play.

At this point I’m throwing out the numbers, they rate the 136w Boombox 3 as 91.9dB (Alan Ross says 111dB) and ~100w Sony SRS-XP500 at 92.6db which are both below the much smaller 30w Motion Boom at 93.1dB (Alan Ross says 104dB) which absolutely cannot be correct. Alan Ross’s numbers logically make more sense. also has big issues with their frequency response charts. Below 150hz you can see they go all wavy for every single speaker. That is due to standing waves in the room and is not a measurement of the speaker itself, so I don’t think any of their measurements are accurate in any way and will be minimizing their data in the rankings.