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My Background

I’ve been in ultra high end audio myself for at least 20 years now and even grew up around high end systems my father owned all throughout the 1980s starting with some Sansui electronics, Infinity RS IIIb and DCM Timeframe speakers. Have listened to countless systems up to 7 figures at high end audio shows including RMAF and California Audio Show and owned a lot of different 5 figure systems over the years. I have a few audio systems, plus all my personal Bluetooth speakers

I’ve also been to headphone demo shows and have listened to almost all of the popular high end models. Crinacle has written a headphone ranking doc far better than I could put together, otherwise I’d consider doing it. I’ve built and designed speakers and have dabbled in crossover, driver and enclosure design. At previous companies have done their livesound setups and have worked with mostly QSC gear. I’m also very familiar with most of the portable livesound speakers and have demoed or used nearly everything on the market.

My degree is in Electrical Engineering and Computer science and I am quite familiar with the hardware, software design and tuning of embedded DSPs. I currently work in Software Engineering, and have worked at companies doing music recognition, speech recognition and Digital Signal Processing.

Current Portable Bluetooth speakers
Past Portable Bluetooth speakers
Current headphones
Past headphones
Current audio systems
Past audio systems
  • 2x AV123 Rocket RS850
  • AV123 Rocket RSC200
  • 2x AV123 Rocket RS450 with risers
  • Hsu Research VTF-3 mk3
  • 4x B&W 702s2
  • B&W CC6
  • B&W ASW750
  • NHT Sub Zero
  • Event 20/20
  • Infinity RS-IIIb
  • Infinity Reference One
  • DCM TimeFrame TF-350



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